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Jet Lag No More

In this course, Dr. Nancy Trimboli breaks down how to use acupressure points to reset your internal clock to be in sync with your destination time zone. This process will eliminate the dreaded Jet Lag that ruins destination plans and/or business meetings. The course includes 6 step-by-step videos plus a bonus video and downloadable worksheets to help you with the course and to take with on your travels.

Lean Clean Belly Routine

Self directed course to determine the root of your problem and the supplements and diet to help.

Stealth Health: Isolation Survival Pack

We thought we had stress before COVID-19! Anxiety and a sense of overwhelm had already begun to plague us. What was seen initially as an extended snow day, now is grating at our very core. This world of ours provides us with a constant stream of elevated stress levels. We deal with jobs and businesses, all the while striving to strengthen our families. The Stealth Health Isolation Survival Pack, in 5-minute units, instills productive habits that will begin the transformation for you and your fam