Jet Lag No More

In this course, Dr. Nancy Trimboli breaks down how to use acupressure points to reset your internal clock to be in sync with your destination time zone. This process will eliminate the dreaded Jet Lag that ruins destination plans and/or business meetings. The course includes 6 step-by-step videos plus a bonus video and downloadable worksheets to help you with the course and to take with on your travels.

Course Outline-

Introduction- Dr. Nancy explains how the process came about and how she has used it in her travels

The Basics- Details on how to activate the pressure points 

 Eastbound- The step-by-step process when traveling West to East

Westbound- The step-by-step process when traveling East to West

Things to Bring- Necessary tools to take on your travel and a few of Dr. Nancy favorites!

Frequently Asked Questions- An ever evolving list of FAQS because we all have them

Course Syllabus

Jet Lag No More

Course Outline- Introduction-The Basics- Eastbound-Westbound-Things to Bring-Frequently Asked Questions- BONUS
It works! It really works! I was traveling from the States to Italy and it was easy to follow along with. I did continue to use the points once there and then when I returned home from Italy for a few hours but got right back in sync with my daily program. — L T,

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